Monthly Archives: January 2010

It’s just not rational.

Why, after a long week at the office, do you feel the need to go home and have a drink, or a pizza, or a drink and a pizza and then maybe perhaps a triple scoop of Edy’s Double Fudge Brownie Ice Cream? Why? Because you have a weak prefrontal cortex, and you know it.

How to rise above Olympic blah blah.

How do you rise above Olympic sponsorship blah blah? For starters, don’t just tell the world you’re a sponsor. Let them know you’re practically BFFs. (Seriously . . . what’s so LOL?)

The Power of Mobile.

How do you help a country in crisis by barely lifting a finger off your double latte?

Here’s to new experiences.

How do you let the world know that CLE is taking some of the stress out of traveling? Instead of doing an “ad,” let’s try and improve the actual airport experience. Let’s bring in a dozen masseuses from Cuyahoga Community College’s Massotherapy Clinic and give out free massages around areas of high stress (i.e., the […]