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Does your brand have a unique voice?

In today’s marketplace, the tangible differences between products and services are rapidly decreasing. So in reality—although most corporations would never like to admit this—the only thing that might separate you from the competition is your unique voice

Welcome to the C.S.T. (Common Sense Test)

Being a “digital strategist” means, a lot of the time, people think I am smarter than I actually am. The majority of this is attributed to the fact that it seems like I’m speaking a different language about 90% of the time. But some can be attributed to one little test I use for any digital execution we set live here at Brokaw. It’s called the C.S.T. (Common Sense Test). And it’s composed of one ultra-scientific question:
“Would I do it?”

Thank you, Cleveland.

Here’s to 20 disturbingly engaging years!

Brokaw moving headquarters to Mount Rushmore

April Fools Rules!
By Brokaw copywriter Trish DiFranco

Gotcha with that subject line, eh? April belated Fools on you! If you didn’t pay attention to the tomfoolery all over the Internet on our 20th birthday this past Sunday, then this is the O-News for you. We sifted through the womp-womp to bring you the crème de la crème of e-shenanigans. And we learned a few lessons along the way: