Monthly Archives: October 2009

Scary Times.

Scary times. The only thing scarier than seeing Gregg’s “Balloon Boy” costume in last week’s O-news, is the overwhelming response it generated. (Seriously, we must’ve gotten at least two emails and one phone call.) So in light of that, and the fact that tomorrow’s a holiday, and you probably don’t want to hear us start […]

Balloon Boy & Brokaw

What Balloon Boy has taught us about: Social Media—As fast as local authorities reacted to what was believed to be a flying Falcon, social media responded even faster. Minutes after the story broke, the term “balloon” was trending at over 1,600 tweets per minute on Twitter. Before the boy was even found, a web site […]

What’s new?

Brokaw in the news. (And no, we’re not talking about Tom.) Our top story today, vitaminwater teams up with six Canadian Olympians and one American agency. (Guess who?) In other news, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) airs first of four 15-second TV commercials produced by Brokaw’s in-house production arm—Brokaw Motion. The spot encourages business travelers to […]

Find your voice.

Find your voice. Do all of your tweets, Facebook fan page updates, promotions and ads sound like they’re coming from the same company? Does your brand speak with one voice across all media? Better question: do you have a voice? How would you describe it?   So, what are you waiting for? Discover your unique […]