Monthly Archives: July 2009

How to handle a little turbulence.

Last week we had several O-news readers (13 . . . but who’s counting?) report that our CLE airport survey was not working properly. But despite the iContact error message many of you received upon submitting the survey, we actually received all the data. Hooray!! And thank you to everyone who participated. (Thanks LeBron – […]


Excuse the bad puns, we’re just excited about landing the Cleveland Airports account. Especially considering the fact the RFP was air-mailed to 92 agencies across the country. But don’t crack open that celebratory bag of peanuts just yet, Captain Horn Tooter. We’ve got some serious work ahead of us, if we’re serious about putting CLE […]

Social? Or anti-social?

Oh no, not more Twitter talk. As we much as we’d love to join in with the social media haters who could care less about how your grandma’s house smells like hot beets (in 140 characters or less), it’s not going away, folks. At least not right now. (See chart below.) Besides, we sort of […]

A Sticky Issue:

A Sticky Issue: To truly get through to your audience today, you can’t tell them what to think. This point cannot be stated strongly enough: nobody likes to be told what to think or what to do. You have to show them. And make them feel it. Imagine Nike doing a pop-up ad that said, […]