The power of connecting emotionally

We have a little saying around the office: “People remember one-third of what they read, one-half of what they hear, but 100% of what they feel.” If we can glue our message with an emotional, contextually-relevant “human truth,” we have a far greater chance of being remembered, and ultimately, selected.

A human what?!

A human truth is a unique, untapped consumer insight. It reminds people of their habits, beliefs, desires, hopes, fears, dreams, etc. And when done correctly, it causes your target to think, “This brand gets me,” or “That is so true,” or… “I need to share this with all of my friends immediately.”

Which is demonstrated by our infamous Browns jersey or this national PSA we did for the American Ad Council 11 years ago. (We just learned this past week it’s going to be a permanent fixture at the 9/11 Memorial located at Ground Zero, opening June 2013.) Proof, the most impactful marketing doesn’t just capture your attention. It captures your heart.

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