Monthly Archives: February 2008

Some Simple Advice

How to Connect in Today’s Blah-Blah-Blah World {Or “How to keep you from unsubscribing every week.”} 1.) Heed the advice of the 30-year-old picture hanging above our founder’s desk. Tell it simple. (Obviously, Bill’s wisdom lives up to that of his celebrity look-alike. . . insightful Bill, you are.) 2.) Tell it simple everywhere – […]

What Women Want

No we’re not talking about the movie where that crazy guy plays a chauvinistic ad exec who suddenly gets the power to read women’s minds, not to mention, relate to his daughter over a loud montage featuring Christina Aguilera’s “What A Girl Wants,” as she tries on different prom dresses. (Eww boy.) No, we’re talking […]

We are not in advertising anymore.

Seminar Review: The Content We recently attended a luncheon seminar, featuring Kevin Roddy, of BBH (New York) fame. The title of the presentation was “Toto, We’re Not in Advertising Anymore,” and much of the content focused on expanding our definition of advertising and transitioning the conversation from “We need four television spots” to “We need […]

Rising Above Rough Times

Nationwide Recession Tips for helping your brand rise above a sagging economy: Think small and become immature – According to a recent article in Ad Age by Avi Dan, “Mature agencies tend to avoid risk, and prefer safe ideas. For sustained growth in a recession, ideas are the currency of competitiveness. Make sure your communication […]