NBC: The Internetwork. (See what I did there?)

By Brokaw writer and wacky next door neighbor Aaron McBride

Do you hear that buzz? No, it’s not just the bees being extra mad and stingy because they’re about to die. It’s actually the sound of audiences fluttering in excitement over the new fall TV lineups. Yep, it’s that time of year when the networks are longing for the next Friends (while probably finding the next Joey). And in this all-out sprint to their next hit, NBC is taking a page from the book of Brokaw.

The network is building the relationship between brand and consumer with an engaging social media strategy that includes an interactive website (NBC Live), as well as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram—together, forming a giant “social media Voltron” that even our second cousin Tom Brokaw can’t sleep through on Ambien. (Too soon? Sorry.)
So, now you can watch a mediocre show, while interacting with the mediocre cast! Thanks, technology!
As a result of NBC’s outside-the-box (Flat screen? LCD? Color?) marketing, they were able to stay on top of the ratings for most of this all-important premiere week. And if this keeps working, you could say that NBC has turned engaging their audience with social media into a fine art. Right, Rembrandt?
Now, if only they could develop a relatable and wildly popular office show—you know, like my web series Man In The Box (N.S.F.W).

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