Monthly Archives: May 2010

Consumer-Generated Blah Blah

Has consumer-generated advertising lost its luster? Has this tactic become more invisible to consumers than engaging? Has user-generated content in general jumped the shark? Has the phrase “jump the shark” . . . jumped the shark?

Aw, Nuts. Cleveland-Style!

Well, it happened again. This time, the sport was basketball and the opposing team was in green. And of course, many people are making this out to be the end of the world. But honestly, this is old hat for us.

In with the outdoor.

Instead of getting on our high, electronic horse and preaching about the value of the interwebs, social media, mobile marketing, QR codes, FourSquare, iPads, blah blah blah—we’d like to make a case for an old medium. We’re talking outdoor. (That’s “billboards” to you laid back non-marketing folk.)

Out with the inferior salsa.

Congratulations to Brian Gillen, the winner of this year’s El Broko Seis De Mayo Salsa Challenge. Honorable mention goes to Mark McKenzie for “most interesting.” Both contestants have kindly shared their winning recipes below: