Monthly Archives: November 2010

Rising above tomorrow’s taglines, today!

Does your company have a tagline? Is it pretty inspirational? Has it become a rally cry that speaks to the hearts of millions, including your employees? (Should we cue the crickets?)

Your noggin need a breather?

You want mindless stimulation? You got it.

It’s time to drive you off the fence.

Does anyone value great work anymore? Or do most marketers today just look at brand strategy, creative, and ad agencies like a commodity, as if they’re shopping for a carton of eggs?

Our proprietary BS4CGIW™©® (Brokaw’s Standards For Creating Great Impactful Work)

Traditional solutions lead to incremental results. Our solutions should be bold, original, competitive, and newsworthy. They should give somebody whiplash. Or make them do a ridiculous spit take.