Show a little advertising leg.

You know the type. That super-suave martini-drinker at the other end of the hotel bar. The one you can’t avert your eyes from. Even as the bartender tries to offer you the chef’s choice cheese plate. Even as your favorite TV show beams in from seven, hovering flat screens. And even as you begrudgingly leave to make your college roommate’s garish wedding reception, your internal dialogue just won’t let it go: Why are they here? What are they all about? How can I find out what room they’re staying in? Just me? Cool. Sorry.

Well, in a very large, rambling nutshell, that’s what a great teaser campaign is like. Here’s an example:

Why so good? It hooks your attention without begging for it. It’s short, well-shot, and way sharable. Plus, who doesn’t like fast cars doing cool tricks? Here’s another great example for Volkswagen.
The trick is making sure your campaign lives up to all the hype. Or else you’re asking people to bring their wet suits to a watering hole. And that’s a fast way to lose affection for your brand.

Last but not least, avoid placing electronic light boards around a densely populated city to tease your product. Who can forget the Cartoon Network “Hunger Force” Boston Bomb Scare of ’07?

Wait until you see our next blog post—you’re going to freak out.


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