Monthly Archives: September 2009


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. (Or whenever you get to it—hey, it’s Friday.) How do you rise above the blah blah of media relations? Well, we recommend a variety of tactics. You could try delivering cases of little burgers in a little Smart Car like we did for White Castle. Or you could send steering wheels, broken […]

How to make a serious impact.

Last week, we discussed the value of hitting your audience with exactly the right message at exactly the right time. For example, our first floor windows attempt to engage all the different types of people who walk by our office every day—lawyers, West 6th club kids, Browns fans, Meter Maids, a guy named Shmed, etc. […]

The media is the message, eh?

The media is the message, eh? How do you rise above the clutter at Toronto’s Dundas Square —the Times Square of Canada?  First, you find an amazing client up north (Hi Cutsey!) Then, you create traditional and digital messaging that really tries to speak to each one of the 153,000 people who pass by every […]