Monthly Archives: June 2011

Q.R. Madness!

Q.R. codes in any medium makes a lot of sense—that is, if you’re trying to target iPhone and Android users (less than 15% of BlackBerry, Windows, and Palm users have ever used a barcode scanning app). Or if you’re trying to target women (64% of Q.R. code users), who are under the age of 45 (90% of Q.R. code users), and who happen to own several cats (87% of Q.R. code users—okay, so eMarketer really didn’t have that stat, but it sounded true).

The value of a simple, focused message.

People only remember one thing. Our brains only allow us to process one marketing message at a time. The rest is just blah blah.

Stop being so rational.

Why, after a long, four-day workweek, do you feel the need to go home and have a pizza, or a 9.1% Lake Erie Monster (yowzers!), or perhaps a triple scoop of Edy’s Double Fudge Brownie Ice Cream? Why? Because you have a weak prefrontal cortex, and you know it.

Brokaw Wins Gold at the 2011 National ADDYs

CLEVELAND, June 7, 2011—Brokaw Inc.—the small global agency famous for helping a handful of premier brands rise above the blah blah — was the only Northeast Ohio agency to win gold this past Saturday at the American Advertising Federation’s National ADDY Awards in San Diego.