Monthly Archives: June 2009

A Simple Message.

(For a simpler message, just read the highlighted area.) As a marketer you want everyone to know all of the wonderful things your brand stands for (i.e., trust, innovation, compassion, the community, the environment, mutual respect, integrity, the children, triple bottom line, synergisticism, fun & poop, etc). And of course, you want the world to […]

Do awards really matter?

No, this isn’t just a shameless opportunity to let our moms know we won two gold National ADDYs last week. (p.s. – Mom, could you please forward this to dad? Thanks, love you.) Or to brag about winning just as many golds as agency giants like Leo Burnett, McCann Erickson, GSD&M, Arnold, and Publicis, despite […]

Mark meets Mike

Want to tour Cleveland? Better yet, want to meet the guy who can help you enjoy all Cleveland has to offer in less than 4 minutes?

How are you handling the social media explosion?

By Brokaw digital strategist, Holly Robinson. Are you worried your company isn’t doing enough to connect to bloggers, texters, Tweeters, I.M.-ers, Facebook-ers, LinkedIn-ers, Skypers, flickr-er-ers?!? Slow down there, Texty McGee. Let’s take this step by step.     First, let’s consider why you might not want to do this. If everything you say or do […]