Here’s to the Peggy Olsens.

by Brokaw Copywriter, Trish DiFranco

Watching Mad Men with women who worked through the ‘60s is a little like watching TV with fresh-caught trout—what with the flopping and the writhing and the hoping for that every-scene with Joan to end. Why? Because, unfortunately, there’s a lot of truthiness in those Emmy-winning episodes.

Which is why! … when articles like these come out, it’s important to meditate for a moment on how far women have come, and moreover, how far we have left to go. Because not only have women become the primary purchase decision-makers in the majority of households, they’re now steering some of the world’s most influential advertising and marketing companies.


 Cindy Gallop, former chair of BBH: “If I ran the world, I would find a way to bring the wealth of human good intentions and corporate good intentions together—to activate them collectively into shared action against shared objectives that produces shared hard, tangible results.”

Joyce King Thomas, former CCO McCann Erickson, New York: “I have a suggestion for every woman reading this. Starting today, let’s all pick three women to mentor. I’m not just talking to those at the top, but to those in the middle and those scrambling up by their fingernails. There’s always someone lower down the rung than you are. Reach out and give them a yank up. Get a woman an internship. (Paid, please.) Give a woman some killer advice. Hell, recommend a nanny. And if you have even a smidgen of power, get a woman promoted. Right now.”

Gloria Steinem, co-founder Ms. Magazine: “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”

And there you have it, folks. Some bright, progressive women to make you feel enlightened and empowered! And speaking of progressive, check out our presidential candidates reaching across the aisle.

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