Monthly Archives: October 2011

And now, a word for our Founder.

Bill took part in the Cleveland Ad Club’s “When They Were Mad Men” panel. And while there was some debate over the AMC drama’s portrayal of liquid lunches, mailroom rendezvous, and Don Draper’s libido (Bill’s vote: mostly accurate)—there was one thing everyone could agree on: Bill has the best stories in town.

When they were Mad Men

Mark your calendars for a very special panel discussion on October 19th in downtown Cleveland, featuring some legendary, local “Mad Men,” including our very own founder, and former “Michigan Ave. Men” . . . Mr. Bill Brokaw. (Whatever you do, Bill, please don’t share the “Oscar Mayer” pitch story—we still have clients we’d like to […]

Keep it movin’ movin.’

Moving in Beyond our digital capabilities, we’re also continuing to increase our in-house production and animation capabilities—this week, in the form of new hire Heather Shelini Alabado—formerly a Design and Animation Instructor at the Columbus College of Art & Design. For a sneak preview of our latest “motion reel,” click here. Then maybe let’s discuss […]