Monthly Archives: January 2009

Super Expected

Oh no, not another “Best Super Bowl Spots Ever!” ranking. Yeah, we know – real original, right? Hey, at least we’re not going to waste a pick on everyone’s go-to “Macintosh 1984.” We get it, Orwell. It’s brilliant. And timeless. (Except for the weird jogger lady’s shorts.) And no, we’re not wasting a pick on […]

Yes, we did. (No, you didn’t.)

How Brokaw can make you the next President of the United States.

Hollywood? More like, Brollywood.

Trust us . . . Brokaw knows Trust Me Bewitched. Thirty-something. Mad Men. And now . . . Trust Me? Oh no, not another advertising agency sitcom. “But wait, this one’s different,” says Bill Brokaw, founder and chairman of Cleveland-based agency, Brokaw Inc., “My niece is in it.” Oh right, Bill. Besides creating the “Ray […]

Hope you enjoyed the popcorn.

(All three pieces of it.)   It’s a holiday hit. No, we’re not talking about the awful Mark-apella video we made and the whopping 615 hits it generated. Apparently, a cappella spoofs aren’t very buzz-worthy. Holiday recession popcorn mailers, on the other hand, now that’s another story, folks. (See shameless buzz below.) Happy New Year, everybody! […]