Monthly Archives: July 2010

Art museum quick to try new ad format

Located on kiosks and in newspaper ads, the boxes have lines running in all directions and are called quick response — or QR — codes. Though they’re popular in countries such as Japan and Canada, the Cleveland Museum of Art is among the first to adopt them in Northeast Ohio as part of its marketing strategy.

Life without LeBron.

So far, everyone’s taking the news here in Cleveland quite well. But hey, we’ve got the Tall Ships here through Sunday. So that’s cool. Yay Tall Ships. (SFX: crickets)

The final episode of LeBrachelor.

Less than 14 hours until the final episode of LeBrachelor. Miami, will you accept this rose?

Not-so-silly trends

Smartphone penetration is now above 20%, with over 50 million total smartphones in the U.S. In fact, it’s expected that mobile Internet users will outnumber traditional web users by 2014. So, instead of continuing to lose share of your audience, why not ride this mobile wave?