Monthly Archives: June 2012

How to pinpoint the influencers.

  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple algorithm that ranked the most influential people online on a scale of 0 to 100, so you could easily target the key opinion-leaders in your community? Welcome to Just type in a Twitter username, hit “go,” and find out immediately just how influential someone […]

The Internet and the Bus Monitor.

A true love story.

So just how powerful is this social media stuff, anyway? Well, by now you have probably heard of Karen Huff Klein, a bus monitor for the Greece School District in Greece, NY, who was viciously bullied while watching over students on a bus ride home, with video of the incident making it on to YouTube. (Warning: Not safe for work language, and faith in humanity about to be lost for 10 minutes.)

When selling-out is in.

By Brokaw copywriter Trish DiFranco  A contagious joy among 17,000 people, impromptu dance parties from hipsters and blue-hairs alike, and two generations worth of upbeat, stick-to-your-brain hits. That’s what went down at the Foster the People + The Beach Boys show this past Wednesday at Blossom. Also, seventy-somethings continuing to sing about their attraction to […]

The art of selling.

The art of selling. Marketing is a lot like going on a blind date. Let’s face it: one of the parties usually does not want to be here. She’s been set up (possibly by her mom), and she isn’t in the mood to talk. Or listen.   So, how do we approach this situation? Or, […]