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Do you Hulu?

Hulu, yo-yo what’s next?


There’s a pretty simple reason why funny ads exist. Because laughter makes us feel good. It releases tension, relaxes the mind and body, and releases endorphins – which allows the brain to associate the good feeling of laughing with your brand. (It’s not brain surgery, but it is brain science. Or, as we like to […]

The Shoemaker’s Kids

Don’t be the shoemaker’s kids. How do we find the time every Thursday night (READ: 45 minutes) to write O-News, and/or occasionally interview advertising legend, Alex Bogusky? After all, shouldn’t we be doing client work? Or watching 30 Rock or Real Housewives of Orange County? According to a recent talk we heard by search consultant […]

Brokaw Meets Bogusky

MARK MEETS ALEX   Mark McKenzie is a copywriter at Brokaw who wears glasses. Alex Bogusky is co-chairman at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky . . . and the Greek God of Advertising. Watch as two worlds collide (and sparks fly) in this exclusive O-News interview. An interview so good (READ: bad), it’s our only story this […]