If everyone is zigging, maybe it’s time to zag.

In any industry, across any medium, you’ll find common themes and messages. We call this the blah blah. And we encourage you to avoid it like a binders full of women reference. Your brand needs authenticity. And your budget needs help from unpaid media and wordofmouth.
If you’re selling insurance, why do another spokesperson campaign and blend in? How about showing the world just how happy your customers are? If you’re selling pasta sauce, don’t just do another fresh ingredients ad. How about a campaign that demonstrates why you deserve this amazing sauce—after all, growing up is tough, right?

Likewise, instead of having your kid get another boring school picture, how about giving him or her the freedom to do a super rad pose like this?

(Or maybe not.)
Just remember before you get too wild and crazy, make sure there’s a reason for your brands “zagging.” As ad legend Bill Bernbach states, “You are not right if in your message you stand a man on his head just to get attention. You are right if it’s done to show how your product keeps things from falling out of his pockets.” (So true, B.B. So true.)

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