Monthly Archives: February 2009

How to review creative ideas.

How to review creative ideas like ad legend, Bill Bernbach  Nobody teaches this sort of thing in business school, right Bill? So we assembled this handy-dandy guide to help clients and prospects better understand the early stages of creative development. Like the value of seeing creative concepts as rough marker sketches, not tight, flashy layouts […]

Please Feed the Animals.

Please Feed Former Brokaw Employee’s Big, Hairy Idea Former Brokaw copywriter Erik Proulx (a.k.a. Flutie Flakes – in honor of his celebrity look-alike Doug Flutie) is famous for turning a negative into a positive. Like the time he once saw a dead goat float by him while eating lunch along the Cuyahoga River, and then […]

Just spreading some love.

Four Free Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Love, Yours Truly  1.    Give a Snuggie. As if the economy isn’t depressing enough, Advertising Age has recently revealed the infamous Snuggie has actually sold over 4 million units in 3 months, resulting in $40 million in sales. Yep, they’ve sold out at Walgreens and Bed, Bath & Beyond, […]

Upward Spiral?

Spiral Stairs?  What is this . . . Diff’rent Strokes? Move over Mr. Drummond. Brokaw is bringing back the 80’s with a new galvanized spiral staircase that’ll connect our old space (2nd floor 425 W. Lakeside – a.k.a. – the Cube Farm) to our newly added retail space on the first floor. The first floor […]