Monthly Archives: January 2008

Long-term branding vs. Short-term promotions

(Or “Shoes vs. Pickles”) Through a long-term branding strategy brought to life with simple, provocative creative that speaks to consumers rather than at them, Nike has built a rock-star, rock-strong brand. Strong enough to let them stand their ground when Foot Locker reduced its orders to protest changes in the running shoe manufacturer’s pricing and […]

Allow us to demonstrate.

First, a note on ads:    People don’t like them. Period. Think about it. People don’t turn on the radio, buy a newspaper, surf the “internets,” or check their mail to see an ad. An ad says, “Change the channel,” or “Delete,” or . . . “Honey, can we get TiVo?” So, our advice? Don’t […]


Find out how to connect with your consumers or how-to play show and tell.

Allow us to demonstrate.

Interact, don’t interrupt.