Monthly Archives: March 2011

FirstMerit Banking on Brokaw

FirstMerit Corporation (FMER: 17.695 +0.105 +0.60%) is taking its brand to new levels and new markets with a new advertising agency. Following an agency review, the growing Midwest regional bank, with 207 branches in Akron, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, and western PA determined Brokaw Inc. had the digital and creative expertise to position FirstMerit as a Midwest superregional bank. Brokaw will provide brand strategy, digital, creative, PR, and media services.

Before you blame the advertising.

How would you describe Burger King’s advertising? Creepy? Yes. Funny? The target would say, “heck yeah.” Viral? Absolutely. Effective? According to B.K., umm, no. Which is why they fired their longtime agency partner after six consecutive quarters of declining sales.

Now Open: Our T-shirt Site (thanks to you)

We listened to your T-shirt feedback and optimized our designs. So what are you waiting for? Go buy something at Made in the city that Michael Stanley built.

Listen to your smallest fans.

In the digital age, it is common knowledge that we need to listen to the people who are using our products and services. The next step is the willingness to optimize based on the consumer feedback we receive.