Monthly Archives: March 2008

What’s your blah blah?

In any category, across any medium, you’ll find common themes, messaging, and pictures. We call this invisible, forgettable advertising “blah blah.” In healthcare, it’s saying, “Our doctors care.” In the auto industry, it’s showing a super fast car with a super cool soundtrack (or something by Bob Seger). In higher education, it’s testimonials of happy […]

This is an ad?

Turning something intrusive into something semi-engaging? Today’s consumer uses a very sophisticated technology to interpret advertising. It’s called a B.S. Meter. And the surest way to set it off is by sounding like an ad. Because let’s face it, an ad says “Turn the page,” “Delete,” or “Honey, can we get TiVo?” So, our advice? […]

Practice what you preach

All week long, hoards of O-News readers (2) have pummeled us with email, begging us to cool it with the heady, self-important, marketing blah blah we’ve been spewing forth the past couple weeks. Well, we hear your message loud and clear, Yelly McMad. So consider this a break, even if we’re not perceived as brilliant […]

Some Show or Other

A quick recap on the ADDY Show: Emily almost broke her ankle on the steps outside of the show. Tiny almost punched some jerk during the show. Timmy almost got stabbed by some crazy guy after the show. And, oh yeah, our agency almost won our 9th straight Best of Show. Yeah, overall it was […]