Monthly Archives: August 2009

Back to school.

    Remember your first day back to school? Nervous you would miss the bus. Worried you’d forget your locker combination. Hoping against hope that your blue Batman lunchbox wasn’t too last year. Well, let’s take a step back to Advertising Elementary for a quick lesson: Advertising is not the same thing as selling. So, what makes advertising different? […]

How to rise above the blah blah.

Be interesting. Attention marketers, you’re not just competing with brands in your category or industry. You’re competing with every message that’s out there — every blog, every ad, every show, every voicemail, every email, every newsletter, every text, every tweet, EVERYTHING. So to actually get registered in somebody’s brain for more than a half second, […]

Why wit works.

A smart, witty ad is like a great teacher. It takes you about 75% of the way there. And then lets you fill in the blank, connect the dots, and solve it on your own without any help from your mom or her crazy slide rule. Advertising great Luke Sullivan puts it a little more […]

Advertising is bigger than just “advertising.”

Sorry, Don Draper. Media-driven advertising is just the tip of the iceberg, the scenic white peak that passengers on the Titanic must have marveled at, moments before they were dumped into the sea and eaten by sharks. But advertising, as a whole, is bigger than that scenic white peak. It includes all the messaging and […]