Monthly Archives: April 2008


Quick. Think of something real little, real good. Did you say our new White Castle radio campaign? Great Guess. If you want to hear some really random radio that’s true to a quirky little brand with an addicting little burger, and a huge cult-like following (i.e. Harold and Kumar), then click here for some real […]

Brokaw harts teh kittehs.

Yes, kitty.  You can has cheezburger. If the subject line was Greek to you, you’ve been living under a rock of some sort. (Either that or you’re a dog person.)  Thanks to Internet phenomenon I Can Has Cheezburger?, lolcats and lolspeak have begun to permeate the mainstream. In the fifteen months that have passed since […]

The internets is your friend.

S.E.O.?  S.E.M.?  S.O.S.? By Brokaw creative ditalogist, Emily Sander The “internets” is all the rage these days with marketers. “Quick buy some keywords or do some banners!” they cry. “Post our TV spot on YouTube and send it to all your friends! Yeah, let’s do some digital.” Our advice? Make sure you’re doing digital for […]