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What Working Women Want

By Leah Soeder, Brand Strategist It’s no secret that communicating with women effectively is crucially important to the success of many marketing campaigns.  And for many years, the focus has been on moms in particular, because they wield so much of the decision-making power in their families.  But “mom” is only one facet of a […]

Fazoli’s Launches “Return to Real Food” Campaign

Fazoli’s is rolling out a new marketing strategy created by Brokaw Inc., that waxes nostalgic about a time when families spoke to each other over dinner, used utensils and took time to enjoy the taste of their meals.

What Women Want

No we’re not talking about the movie where that crazy guy plays a chauvinistic ad exec who suddenly gets the power to read women’s minds, not to mention, relate to his daughter over a loud montage featuring Christina Aguilera’s “What A Girl Wants,” as she tries on different prom dresses. (Eww boy.) No, we’re talking […]