How to rise above Olympic blah blah.

For starters, don’t just tell the world you’re a sponsor. Let them know you’re practically BFFs. (Seriously . . . what’s so LOL?)

And instead of using your typical stock action shots, let’s shoot our olympic athletes in surreal, larger-than-life poses with copy that’s as courageous as they are. The result? A multimedia campaign that celebrates six of our neighbor-to-the-north’s most promising superstars in a way that’s so unique and uncanny for Olympic advertising, the world’s actually noticing it. Including AdWeek, The New York Times, and our Aunt Faith—who said, “Fantastic! Gold medal for sure, guys!” (Oh, Aunt Faith, you’re the best.

How to make the summer Olympics more interesting.

We’d like to add a new event to the 2012 Games: waterslide jumping.

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