Show a little advertising leg.

You know the type. That super-suave martini-drinker at the other end of the hotel bar. The one you can’t avert your eyes from. Even as the bartender tries to offer you the chef’s choice cheese plate. Even as your favorite TV show beams in from seven, hovering flat screens. And even as you begrudgingly leave to […]

Any big plans this weekend?

This is what is being uttered in every office around America while there is a lull in water cooler conversation. Ahhh, summertime – where we can get out, enjoy the wonderful weather, and see what your city has to offer – yes, we even do that in Cleveland.  So how do you reach the consumer […]

Going Mobile.

By Brokaw Digital Media Strategist, Katie Riley Adoption and usage of mobile has grown more rapidly than any other personal technology…  Ever. eMarketer is currently estimating that about 80% of the U.S. population (246MM people) now use a mobile phone. It’s not just the number of users that are changing, but we have also moved […]

People don’t read ads.

Today’s consumer uses a very sophisticated technology to interpret marketing messages. It’s called a B.S. Meter.