How to rise above Olympic blah blah.

How do you rise above Olympic sponsorship blah blah? For starters, don’t just tell the world you’re a sponsor. Let them know you’re practically BFFs. (Seriously . . . what’s so LOL?)

2009 Digital De-Brief: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

By Holly Hacker, Digital Strategist Let’s keep this end of the year recap short, sweet, and simple, just the way I like it. Looking back over the span of 2009, here are my picks for what was good, what was bad, and what was just plain ugly in the world of digital. The Good: Facebook […]

How to rise above the blah blah.

Be interesting. Attention marketers, you’re not just competing with brands in your category or industry. You’re competing with every message that’s out there — every blog, every ad, every show, every voicemail, every email, every newsletter, every text, every tweet, EVERYTHING. So to actually get registered in somebody’s brain for more than a half second, […]

How are you handling the social media explosion?

By Brokaw digital strategist, Holly Robinson. Are you worried your company isn’t doing enough to connect to bloggers, texters, Tweeters, I.M.-ers, Facebook-ers, LinkedIn-ers, Skypers, flickr-er-ers?!? Slow down there, Texty McGee. Let’s take this step by step.     First, let’s consider why you might not want to do this. If everything you say or do […]