Here’s to new experiences.

How do you let the world know that CLE is taking some of the stress out of traveling? Instead of doing an “ad,” let’s try and improve the actual airport experience. Let’s bring in a dozen masseuses from Cuyahoga Community College’s Massotherapy Clinic and give out free massages around areas of high stress (i.e., the security gate, ticket counter, baggage claim, the old Starbucks stand, etc.).

Besides lots of free media coverage (thanks, Channels 3, 5, 8, and The Plain Dealer), let’s create a more authentic, memorable experience for hundreds of holiday travelers. After all, according to Max Lenderman’s must-read Experience the Message, today’s marketers need to be bolder and more innovative in finding new ways “to deliver a meaningful benefit to the consumer.” Or in our case . . . a deep deltoid rub. Now boarding: CLE to AHHHH.

Here’s to a new headshot?

Check out this month’s Smart Business to learn how the Brokaw brothers are trying to get us to drink the green Kool-aid. And why we are trying to get Tim a new headshot. (Oh, yeaahh!)

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