“What does it mean?”

Creating a viral video takes more than just dumb luck, err, fate. It takes a little influencer-marketing strategy, too.

The internets is your friend.

S.E.O.?  S.E.M.?  S.O.S.? By Brokaw creative ditalogist, Emily Sander The “internets” is all the rage these days with marketers. “Quick buy some keywords or do some banners!” they cry. “Post our TV spot on YouTube and send it to all your friends! Yeah, let’s do some digital.” Our advice? Make sure you’re doing digital for […]

Best of ’07

The Best of 2007 Like anyone’s actually working today or checking email. But just in case you are, we thought you should be rewarded and entertained with the best ads and best viral videos of 2007 according to, um, the seven people working at Brokaw today. Hope you enjoy. Have a great New Years, everybody. […]