Are you an app-aholic?

How to rise above the iPhone app blah blah First, it was, “Let’s do something that’s really outside-the-box.” Then, it was, “Let’s do a viral campaign.” Today’s overused marketing catchphrase is . . . (drum roll please) . . . “Let’s create an iPhone app!! Woohoo!!”   (SFX: crickets) Truth is, it’s not a bad idea—well, […]

The Indeconstructables

The Indeconstructables by Greg Thomas It’s the new breed of superhero. More powerful. More dynamic. It’s The Indeconstructables. Advertising ideas that can’t be reduced—whose origins can’t be traced to any individual advertising function or department. From the brave agencies that have begun to reintegrate media thinking into the creative process are coming brilliant ideas that […]