How-to How-to.

by Brokaw Senior Writer, Mark McKenzie A few weeks ago, my wife and I took a short bed and breakfast tour of Wisconsin. It was a weird vacation choice. Especially because, as a couple in our 30-ish-es, we’re well outside the B&B target market. By about 30-ish years. As someone who had stayed in nothing […]

It’s time to give thanks, Shorty.

For starters, we’re thankful that we get out at 3 today, so we can begin our holiday cheer a little early. (READ: drink lots of vitaminwater and Fuze, and then ride the RTA HealthLine to the outdoor ice rink at Wade Oval followed by a trip to WinterShow at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, and then […]

Find your voice.

Find your voice. Do all of your tweets, Facebook fan page updates, promotions and ads sound like they’re coming from the same company? Does your brand speak with one voice across all media? Better question: do you have a voice? How would you describe it?   So, what are you waiting for? Discover your unique […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. (Or whenever you get to it—hey, it’s Friday.) How do you rise above the blah blah of media relations? Well, we recommend a variety of tactics. You could try delivering cases of little burgers in a little Smart Car like we did for White Castle. Or you could send steering wheels, broken […]