Congratulations Justin!

Congratulations to our Earth Day Trivia Contest Winner, Justin.

To Earth Day.

Here’s to celebrating Earth Day with one of Earth’s greatest, most green-conscious beers.

How to make a serious impact.

Last week, we discussed the value of hitting your audience with exactly the right message at exactly the right time. For example, our first floor windows attempt to engage all the different types of people who walk by our office every day—lawyers, West 6th club kids, Browns fans, Meter Maids, a guy named Shmed, etc. […]

How to handle a little turbulence.

Last week we had several O-news readers (13 . . . but who’s counting?) report that our CLE airport survey was not working properly. But despite the iContact error message many of you received upon submitting the survey, we actually received all the data. Hooray!! And thank you to everyone who participated. (Thanks LeBron – […]