How are you handling the social media explosion?

By Brokaw digital strategist, Holly Robinson. Are you worried your company isn’t doing enough to connect to bloggers, texters, Tweeters, I.M.-ers, Facebook-ers, LinkedIn-ers, Skypers, flickr-er-ers?!? Slow down there, Texty McGee. Let’s take this step by step.     First, let’s consider why you might not want to do this. If everything you say or do […]

The low down. (Or is it “down low?”)

The low down. (Or is it “down low?”) Is your company on MySpace? Flicker? Facebook? Is it an attempt to target a younger audience and try to be “down” with the kids, or is it an honest means to connect them to your brand? Tread lightly my friends! “Locating teenagers and young adults is, of […]

The internets is your friend.

S.E.O.?  S.E.M.?  S.O.S.? By Brokaw creative ditalogist, Emily Sander The “internets” is all the rage these days with marketers. “Quick buy some keywords or do some banners!” they cry. “Post our TV spot on YouTube and send it to all your friends! Yeah, let’s do some digital.” Our advice? Make sure you’re doing digital for […]