Any big plans this weekend?

This is what is being uttered in every office around America while there is a lull in water cooler conversation. Ahhh, summertime – where we can get out, enjoy the wonderful weather, and see what your city has to offer – yes, we even do that in Cleveland.  So how do you reach the consumer […]

When selling-out is in.

By Brokaw copywriter Trish DiFranco  A contagious joy among 17,000 people, impromptu dance parties from hipsters and blue-hairs alike, and two generations worth of upbeat, stick-to-your-brain hits. That’s what went down at the Foster the People + The Beach Boys show this past Wednesday at Blossom. Also, seventy-somethings continuing to sing about their attraction to […]

And the Oscar goes to . . .

Okay, that’s not exactly true—I have seen two of the Oscar nominated films this year. The Descendants (which I snuck into the day the rest of my family went to see the Alvin and the Chipmunk movie—phew, dodged a bullet there….) and The Help (which thankfully just came out on On Demand—the way all of us parents actually get to see movies). But here’s the thing—it really doesn’t matter, because everyone knows that what’s most important isn’t who’s going to win, but what everyone’s going to be wearing!

From good books to great beer.

Looking for the perfect holiday gift to give your b.m.f. (best marketing friend)? How about one of these must-read marketing books according to Ad Age?