How to rise above the blah blah.

Be interesting. Attention marketers, you’re not just competing with brands in your category or industry. You’re competing with every message that’s out there — every blog, every ad, every show, every voicemail, every email, every newsletter, every text, every tweet, EVERYTHING. So to actually get registered in somebody’s brain for more than a half second, […]

What a pleasant surprise.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! So, you’re probably wondering why you’re getting this on Thursday, instead of Friday? Or why we’re sending you a link to a local reporter’s re-enactment of a bear running in the woods?   Why? Because people like pleasant surprises. And, well, we’re off tomorrow. (Not to mention, who doesn’t love a charming […]

Is that a Siberian tiger in your pocket?

Is that a Siberian tiger in your pocket? Call us the Oprah of the ad world, but we love giving away stuff in O-news. Whether it’s advice on how to review concepts like a pro. Or how to do a better job leveraging social media. Or how to get the most out of your facial hair (or lack […]