How to choose an agency. (Or “Why you shouldn’t always take your talents to South Beach.”)

Today, we’re going to let Business Week do all the heavy lifting. After all, according to this interesting article, there are five things you definitely shouldn’t do if you’re looking for an ad agency:

World’s Greatest Clients

Save the world. Ride RTA? How do you help a brand like RTA increase ridership for eight consecutive years and earn the title “North America’s Best Transit System?” You form a trusting relationship with a client who gives you the freedom and power to innovate, and as we like to say, get “streative” (strategic creative). […]

Do you like to move it, move it?

How do you move more people to move more product? Umm, hire world-famous motion graphic design and digital firm – Brokaw Motion.  No, seriously, folks. Whether you’re a client, prospect, ad agency, design firm, interactive shop, or our mailwoman, our newly acquired capability can help you move consumers even when they’re not moving. Like sitting […]