Chick-fil-Ain’t this interesting?

As Chick-fil-A works through its current PR nightmare involving everything from recalled Muppet toys, to an anti-gay company stance, to a fictitious Facebook user masquerading as a young girl named Abby Farle defending Chick-fil-A (see her posts below), we thought about a few lessons every company can take away from this.
1.) Save the waffles for breakfast. Pick a position and stick with it. Don’t hide from it. Especially not behind a super cute shutterstock photo…even though, according to a recent statement, Chick-fil-A knows nothing about this fake Facebook profile. 
2.) Be transparent. Remember, how you respond to a problem or P.R. crisis, speaks volumes about your company. There’s no quicker way to undermine consumer trust, brand lovers, and a cult-like following than failure to be honest, transparent, and follow through on a brand promise. So be a person of your word. Especially if your word is something really buzz-worthy like “Chickengate?!”

3.) Nobody’s perfect. As stated in our agency manifesto, only by screwing up can we hope to improve. So screw up early and often. But just as important, learn from your mistakes. Don’t make the same mistake twice. THAT is inexcusable. So hopefully we can all learn from what we’re witnessing right now.

Just your typical tale of the Muppet frog who left the chicken due to the chicken’s views on gay rights, even though the chicken claims to have left the frog first due to possible puppet toy safety issues. You know how that goes.
Try to keep it crisis-free, everybody.

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