Does your brand get cipher-like buzz?

In order to get people to use, interact with, and eventually love your brand, you have to get their attention. And sometimes, that means being a little mysterious. You know, like the pyramids. Or circus peanuts. Or an eccentric drifter with a thing for codes.

See, a couple weeks ago, an eccentric drifter on a subway train in NYC handed a college student a cipher note and a $50 bill. The student posted the cryptic message online, where it created a viral stir and was eventually decoded by way of an advanced code-cracking site called…[sfx: drum roll]… Google. The message provided a time and a place to meet — and drove a gaggle of nerds (more than two) to await their arrival.

Is it a government conspiracy? A prank? A teaser for Money Train 2? (Please be this.) Whatever it ends up being, it serves as a strange, but effective example of how a multi-medium messaging strategy (with a really compelling message) could really pay off.

This brief, private (and slightly unnerving) exchange between two individuals created an online buzz AND drove a large group of people to a specific physical location. Inspiring, no?

Speaking of effective experiential marketing, as you read this, a Fazoli’s breadstick truck is leaving a trail of breadsticks (aka delicious, garlicky ciphers) across the country and generating a lot of buzz per bite.

So, the next time you’re thinking of deploying an experiential marketing strategy, ask yourself, “Is this cipher-worthy?”



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