Can we have your attention, please?

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The good news is… you’ve done your homework. And put in over 200 hours developing a brilliant, new brand positioning and an impressive 87-page SWOT analysis deck (with sweet PowerPoint transitions)—not to mention, you have an incredible 360-degree connections plan designed to get in front of the right audience at exactly the right time.

The bad news is… you’re still not entitled to your consumer’s attention. Or her discretionary income. (Geez, sorry to be such a Debbie Downer today, folks—p.s. did we mention it’s Friday the 13th?)

Seriously though, it’s a sound bite, texting-while-walking world we’re living in. And to engage today’s multitasking baseball fans, you need to be more than just online, and on Facebook, and Pinterest, etc. You need to be engaging. Period.

So before you blame your campaign’s lackluster results on the messenger, and say things like, “Radio just doesn’t work for us…neither do banner ads,” you might want to re-visit your message. After all, according to managing director Gregg Ambach of Analytic Partners in Ad Age, “The creative often has a far bigger impact on sales than the media choices.”

So, our advice?

Surprise, delight, and inspire your audience every chance you get—whether that’s online, offline, grocery store line, any “line,” really.

Do this, and your brand will have a far greater chance of being remembered, and ultimately, selected. Don’t do this, and risk being deleted. Ignored. Zapped. Trashed. Forgotten. Unsubscribed. (Please don’t.)

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