The art of selling.

The art of selling.

Marketing is a lot like going on a blind date. Let’s face it: one of the parties usually does not want to be here. She’s been set up (possibly by her mom), and she isn’t in the mood to talk. Or listen.
So, how do we approach this situation? Or, here’s a better question, how did YOU attract your current partner or spouse? Did you walk right up to this person and say, “Let’s make out?” Did you pound your chest, then give five reasons to believe why you’re the best? And did you make your own logo bigger by shouting your name at the end of the conversation? Of course you didn’t.

Instead, you were probably charming and interesting and funny. You probably asked this person a lot of questions about himself/herself. And you probably tried to remain a bit mysterious. That’s because instinctually, you know how to sell. And instinctually, you know that effective selling comes from your gut, and from your heart, not from your head. Think about it. Actually, don’t.

The art of de-selling.

And now a quick lesson on how not to sell, or how to scare your audience away forever. Remember, folks—if you’re going to drink this weekend, don’t dial.
The art of praying.

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