Less is the new more.

We believe an idea is strengthened by everything that is REMOVED from its message, not ADDED to it. Which might explain why we’d get a nervous twitch if you asked us to convey your brand’s five points of difference in a 300×250 banner ad . . . and then make it viral! (Eww boy.)

Imagine Volvo saying: “Come drive our fast, safe, fuel-efficient, green-conscious, Swedish-engineered car today.” Instead, Volvo just chose to own safe. Period. And Apple . . . innovative. And TNT . . . dramatic. And Whole Foods . . . organic. And Wonderbra, umm, yeah . . . (How ’bout that Tribe?)

A Singular-Focused Message is Easier to Grasp. (Literally.)

A wise ad guy once said: You can’t pound a nail that’s lying on its side. For a more visual analogy, watch this awful vid.

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