A plea for “The Pitch”

By Brokaw Senior Copywriter, Erin (tiny) Pollock

Finally, it happened! The two things that monopolize my time the most (besides my two boys) have finally collided—advertising and reality TV. So what does a real “creative” type think about AMC’s new reality show “The Pitch”? Well, I want you to watch (and I’m drained from watching, so I have no creative way to tell you to do so).

Here’s what I believe to be really real about this show:

The passion—As agencies compete on this show for new business, you see the raw emotions, even tears, these people experience on the road (which in this series is a mere week) to winning or losing. I have experienced these tender moments all too often, as I stare at a creative partner blankly just hoping for a great idea—hoping to have something great before a deadline. Hoping the client would then be happy. Hoping to ultimately be proud of the work. It can be a heavy load, because we really DO care. Oh, and by the way, they don’t call me tiny e (e for emotional) for nothing.

The long hours—In episode two, creative director Doug Hentges, has to literally sneak away to go home to see his children. Yes, clients and future clients, ask most of our staff when the last time they went home was, and I’m not sure they could tell you. (Have you seen this guy?)

The eyewear—It seems agencies everywhere share one fashion statement in common. (e.g., WDCW’s Tracy Wong, Brokaw’s Wes Jones, everyone at Wieden + Kennedy, etc.)

The disappointment—Clearly, logically, as longtime advertising professionals, we understand that only one agency can ever “win” the business of a potential client, but the sting of rejection is something you never get used to. As managing partner Jerry Kramer of SK+G (episode two) puts it, “Show me a good loser. I’ll show you a loser.”

So watch and bear witness to what we really do every day. All day. Because I couldn’t explain it if I tried. And thankfully “The Pitch” can.

What I can’t make a pitch for: 

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