What the Avengers can teach marketers.

By Brokaw copywriter and sketch-comedy magician, Aaron McBride

First things first, because you asked…here are my top three movie observations:
1. If you swap the two main roles in Sleepless in Seattle, it’s not a comedy anymore.

2. Edward Scissorhands and Harry and The Hendersons are essentially the same movie.

3. Writing The Avengers poses similar challenges to writing a good ad. No really! Keep reading! Hear us out!

See, not only did writer/director Joss Whedon have to combine four movies into one, but he had to do it in a way that makes sense (for super-nerds), entertained (for non-nerds), and didn’t take away from the point—which is, don’t blow up America (which was actually downtown Cleveland), or we’ll sick our weirdos on you.

By comparison, outdoor (or “billboards” to the non-marketing superheroes out there) can present similar difficulties for a copywriter. After all, they must be:

  • Quick & Readable (for speeders)
  • Memorable (for the oblivious)
  • Entertaining (to my aunt who doesn’t get jokes)
But like Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben always says, “With great challenges, come great opportunities.. for billboards.” Check us out!

I have to admit…Marvel got their hooks into me with The Avengers. I even watched all of the movies and fast-forwarded through both Hulks to prepare for this. And based on Rotten Tomatoes, it looks like it might be pretty good.

So with that, I’d like to offer Mr. Whedon a summer internship at Brokaw as a copywriter—where you don’t always get to cut original, lesser-known characters like Wasp and Ant-Man.

Have a Marvel-ous weekend, everybody! (Oh man, I’m on fire.)


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