Here’s to 20 great, un-blah years.

Since the beginning of time (or 1992), people have asked us, why does Brokaw rule so hard? Well, it comes down to a few basic reasons: our people, our clients, and most importantly, our fearless founder.

When Bill started Brokaw on April Fool’s Day twenty years ago (because his largest client was tired of going to his house), he never thought he would have created an agency that continues to attract incredible talent from some of the biggest agencies in the country—not to mention, help hundreds of blue-chip global, national, and regional brands rise above the blah blah.

So, here’s to our founder, as well as all of our employees, clients, and vendors—past and present—who have helped us become who we are today: the world’s greatest ad agency (According to our moms. And Google. And who knows more than Google? p.s. Thanks Uncle Google.).


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