A little insight from Austin.

By Brokaw Digital Media Strategist, Katie Riley

Our Senior Interactive Art Director, Wes Jones, and I just got back from a trip down to Austin for the SXSW Interactive Festival. That’s the South by Southwest Conference, mom—you know, the one with lots of neato computer stuff. Yes, mom, it was exactly like this video:

Anyhoo, Wes and I learned some incredible things this year, that we will be schooling the agency on and applying to our clients’ work. But we thought it would be nice to give you a quick topline summary of some of our digital discoveries down south. So here’s what we learned:

  • Everyone hates QR codes, Comic Sans, and the word “viral” (hear, hear!)
  • There are no perfect formulas for creating engaging web content—but humor always sells
  • The terms  “Silver Surfers” and “Waffle Project” (Thanks, Godfrey). Silver Surfers: Boomers going online (and/or Anderson Cooper riding waves) Waffle Project: Taking on projects pertaining to new media as an agency internally to “test” (since the first waffle is never quite right)
  • Fedoras are still a thing
  • We’re a part of a super-talented global network of independent agencies (Worldwide Partners Shout Out!)
  • Preparation is not just worrying
  • Social Media Buzz is driving TV eyeballs—and harsh TV critics #walkingdead
  • Listening to the guys from Epic Meal Time talk, was like listening to someone burp into a microphone for 45 minutes
  • Data is the new oil
  • The Brokaw brothers don’t understand the value of sending Wes and I to Space Camp

In other news . . . QUICK, LOOK OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW!!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody!


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  1. Posted April 2 2012 at 12:11 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the waffle shout out Katie! Good to meet you and Wes out in Ausitn.

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