Your business just got Zuckerberged!

By Brokaw Copywriter, Aaron McBride

Now companies all over the world can experience what we’ve been enjoying since last fall—all the same stuff in a different order. Okay, I’m (sort of) over-simplifying it.

There are a couple features of the new Timeline format that could be beneficial for businesses and brands (and anyone who feels like they deserve “fans” over “friends”). Like the cover photo, the very first thing people see when they view your page. So long as you don’t break any Facebook laws, your cover photo can possibly spark curiosity about your brand. Take, for example, Coldplay.

Intriguing, no? What are they thinking about? Why is hat guy so sad? Is it because “purple pants” doesn’t want to hang out with them? Did Apple Paltrow’s Dad even know they were taking a picture? That’s some straight up brand interaction right there.

The other major benefit to Timeline is…well, the timeline. If you dig deep on The New York Times page, you can view their very first publication from the 1850s. That’s WAY before Facebook!

Red Bull is going full throttle with their Timeline, as one would expect, and taking you back to their Austrian beginnings in the late ’80s—which, honestly, pretty much boils down to:

-Wingsuit flying in South Africa
-Wakeboarding a glacier
-And a Shriner flying a swan

The point is, that this is an opportunity to display your company’s milestones in a way that even my dad can figure out (and he’s still spooked by the voice at the drive-thru).

Timeline will become mandatory for brands and businesses on March 30th, so you have time to hunt down that perfect cover photo for your page. Feel free to use this adorable cat video as inspiration.


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