And the Oscar goes to . . .

By Brokaw writer & working mom insights expert, Erin “tiny” Pollock

How the heck would I know, I haven’t seen a movie since I had kids.

Okay, that’s not exactly true—I have seen two of the Oscar nominated films this year. The Descendants (which I snuck into the day the rest of my family went to see the Alvin and the Chipmunk movie—phew, dodged a bullet there….) and The Help (which thankfully just came out on On Demand—the way all of us parents actually get to see movies). But here’s the thing—it really doesn’t matter, because everyone knows that what’s most important isn’t who’s going to win, but what everyone’s going to be wearing!

So let’s predict some Oscar fashion, shall we?

Well, the trends during the Globes and SAGS have been bright, snappy colors and body-conscious cutout gowns, and surely that will continue on the night of nights.

Of course, if you ask me, the standout all awards season long has been Emma Stone.

However, what perplexes me greatly is the dowdy streak of America’s favorite actress, Meryl Streep—why Meryl, why???
Also, word on the street is that Posh Spice aka Mrs. David Beckham aka fashion designer darling of the moment is going to be dressing Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron, and Cameron Diaz for the Oscars. You go, Starving Spice.

Tune into the red carpet this Sunday night to see who brings it, and who needs to thank the Academy and then run as fast as they can to a stylist.

Oh yeah, back on the advertising front, how much is an Oscar spot (the female Super Bowl) going for this year? A mere $1.7 million per 30-second commercial—with brands like Diet Coke, Hyundai, and JCP gobbling up those slots, despite viewership slipping 23% over the past 10 years—not to mention, the co-star of Tower Heist stepping down as the Oscars host just three months ago. No worries, Eddie. Billy’s back to save the day.

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